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Welcome to PORSH Ghana

In November 2013, PORSH was officially registered as a non-profit organization with registration number CG076652013 to get legal backings to undertake interventions in the fields of HIV, gender, sexual and reproductive health events, human rights and other interventions for key populations in Ghana and beyond.

Nationwide Network

PORSH has a nationwide network of key population members and strong affiliations with other key members of the general population.

Credible Contacts

In Ghana, we have credible contacts in every constituency and district and we keep their information very confidential.

Strong Ties

PORSH has strong ties with local stakeholders and also has a good rapport with international organizations.

First Organization

PORSH was the first Organization in Africa to adapt and implement 3MV (many men, many voices) in Ghana.

All Regions

PORSH reaches to peers in all regions on issues of HIV/STI and human rights abuses and blackmail cases.

Strategic Ways

PORSH has strategic ways of pulling resources and putting together formidable team members to undertake projects and researches.

Our Mission

To reduce the impact of the HIV epidemic on key populations, families and communities through tailor-made interventions and our passion for humanity and their full human rights and empowerment.

To promote sexual health, human rights and lessen the impact of the HIV epidemic on key populations, families and communities through cutting edge projects, initiatives and human-centered efforts.

Our Vision

The pursuit of excellence in sexual health, human rights and HIV/AIDS initiatives.


We want you to be happy and healthy, that's why we're here.

PORSH aims to promote innovation and improve competitiveness in health and health related service delivery. Over the years PORSH has participated in over 100 key populations meetings, policy development, training sessions and other related events.