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A few illustrative examples that PORSH has successfully completed include:

  • Mapping out of Sites in the Drug-user populations in Major cities in Ghana
  • Mobilization of some key Fetish and Traditional Priests and reaching out to them on the need to refer HIV/AIDS cases to our designated hospitals.
  • Implementation of the Many Men, Many Voices (3MV) a seven-session, group-level HIV and STD prevention intervention for black MSM.
  • Utilization of Volunteers to enhance adherence to HIV treatment
  • Use of community based Peer leaders to scale up treatment in STD’s and other infections.
  • Piloted mobile app project for HIV services in MSM in Accra, Takoradi and Kumasi titled Feasibility and Acceptability of using a Mobile Application for HIV symptom Monitoring, Clinical Follow Up and Peer Support among HIV Infected MSM in Ghana (Also known as “The C5 Pilot Study”)
  • Implemented a quantitative and qualitative project titled ‘Exploring HIV, Same-Sex, and Gender Non-Conformity Stigmas and Delays in HIV Diagnosis, Linkage to Care and Retention among 225 HIV positive Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in Ghana (Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi and Koforidua)
  • Initiation of human rights and HIV/AIDS interventions with Drug users in selected ‘Sites’ in major cities in Ghana. This was dubbed ‘ghetto talks’. We have successfully recruited peer leaders in most of these sites.(Takoradi and Accra)

By combining community-driven development with internationally acclaimed best practices, PORSH envisions a brighter future where HIV is manageable, stigma and discrimination relegated to the background, and the entrenchment of human rights especially for key populations and LGBTQ.